Kevin White Photography

Born towards the end of 1961 in South East London.

The first evidence of me with a camera is an old photograph taken when I was about 3 or 4 years old.

The first memory I have of using a 'real' camera was an attempt to photograph a local band at a talent night in Deptford, SE London, using a Zorki 4K and a hand held light meter. None of the shots came out, I didn't know much about film speeds, push processing and clip testing then, but I'd been bitten by the bug!

From the Zorki 4K, I moved on to a Zenit EM, Chinon CE4, Canon A1 (it still works, but is retired from active duty) Canon T90 which was my main film camera alongside a Bronica S2a and ETRS medium format outfits for a number of years.
During the later part of the 'film' years I had a traditional darkroom in the loft of my house. Freezing cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer, but more fun than can be said for sitting at a desk staring a computer screen with a digital darkroom.
Using my living room as a studio, equipped with some ancient Bowens flash heads and various soft boxes and reflectors, my house doubled as a fully equipped studio and darkroom complex.

Discovery of the internet in 1998, lead me to build my first website to display my photography. The learning curve of making websites and digital imaging was something I do not wish to repeat and the effort resulted in me running a small online general stock agency for a few years.
Having spent many hours shut away in a traditional darkroom, I love the freedom of expression that digital imaging gives me, although I miss the 'feel' of working with film, paper and chemicals.

My background includes lighting design, film/video production and web design & development.

I now use Nikon and Fuji cameras.